The Coffee Cherry

The pinhead-sized coffee berry will not appear until six to eight weeks after each flower's fertilization, and climate dictates how fast the fruit develops. During a period of roughly fifteen weeks, the berry will undergo rapid growth after which it will stop expanding in size, although changes will continue to occur within the fruit. Sometime around thirty to thirty-five weeks from flowering, the berries will begin to change color from green to yellow and ultimately to bright red when they are often called "cherries." Depending on altitude and climate conditions, it takes an average of eight to nine months to get from bloom to harvest.

The Cherry structure

The ripe coffee cherry has a bright red skin covering a pale pink pulpy flesh, which surrounds the seeds, or beans. A coffee berry usually produces two beans, although some will produce three, and about five percent will contain only one (peaberries).


The sientific analysis reveled however a far more complex structure which is shown below:


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